Blue Monday was yesterday but it didn’t bother me much.  In fact it was probably my most creative day.  I dreamed of landscaping all day.

I keep track of landscaping ideas on my pinterest account.  It’s like a giant virtual wish board or bulletin board where you can post pictures of ideas.  At first I thought it was just one more social media outlet trying to seduce me from doing my actual work.  However, as long as I set my limits, I am finding it quite helpful in organizing my ‘one day’ list.  I put the little pin it button on my bookmark bar and whenever I am out in the web I can just pin that picture to my board.

image source

So my question is, what’s with so many people repinning my pictures of chicken coops?  I know that this year I am convincing my husband to build me my own little coop and fence so I can raise some of my own ladies.  But obviously there are many more chicken lovers out there wanting to do the same thing!  I think there is a lot of nostalgia about homegrown chickens symbolizing the rituals of the farm stead.  You create a connection with the earth when you eat the meat you raise or the veggies in your own garden.  That connection to the earth is the common link between all of us sharing this planet.

But chickens aren’t virtual.  You have to feed them listen to them cluck and they will chase you.

I used to be a chicken farmers wife.  To clarify, I’m still the farmers wife, but we don’t farm anymore.  He isn’t sure about my idea to raise urban chickens.  He reminds me of the poop they leave and the daily feeding and care.  He also is not crazy about luring coyotes into the subdivision.  But I say bring it on!  My neighbors will get their hush money by way of eggs.  sssshhh….

Well, the snow lays heavy on the ground while I sit with my notebooks and pencil crayons inside and draw dreamy yardscapes.  The ideas simmer in my subconcious.  Now is a great time for you to plan and work out what your yearly yard project it.  And if you are adding chickens to your yard friends there are some great pictures on the internet to help you get dreaming!