I wrote the beginning of a post early this morning.  I was in the middle of it when suddenly the message came that it was sending and I was stunned.  No editing, No reworking!!  Sending out written work without tweaking is a little like grocery shopping without clothes on.  Naked.  AND at that very moment when my computer did such a thing to me, my dear husband come to the office and announced there was a catastrophe that only I could handle.  Only me.  I was needed upstairs immediately.  He could not deal with it.  Do you hear the sarcasm?

And so my day began, I ran out of time to keep writing and was off to appointments and school knowing that my post was out there naked and raw.  Finally at 6:45 pm do I have a minute to rework my bare post.  Even as a I type I’m a little afraid that this post will get sent to cyber world pre-mature.

The irony is, the whole point of the original post was that it is challenging doing what you purpose to do.  Life is messy and cluttered and demanding.  It’s how we choose to handle these emergencies that matters.  Ann Voskamp says ‘life is not an emergency,’ and I would add that handling emergencies IS life.  Some of us handle them well, or some are like me who snark at thier children when they feel stressed and suffer huge heaps of guilt later.  It’s easy to get derailed and forget that there was a reason why I got up at 6am to write, forsaking all sleep.  Yes, the computer messed me up and I’m a little exposed.  But, I have something to say.  You need to hear it.  Maybe there’s something you thought you’d like to do but shame, embarrassment or fear is holding you back.  Do you need to make that phone call, write that book, play that instrument, go on that diet?

If you want to be or do something that you currently are not, it will be hard and challenging.  Giving up is not an option.  But getting wiser is.  I want to make writing a routine, just like my exercising is.  But I have to anticipate challenges because life with a family of 6 can’t be any other way.


here’s the naked post if you’re interested…

There is the conundrum with being a night owl and having children.  See, because I used to be a piano teacher it should explain it.  My work began at 3 and went till 9.  Yes I had prepping to do and piano to practice during the day.  But the routine fit my life.  My natural rhythm.

But just because its natural doesn’t make it good.  It’s natural to drop your coat on the floor as soon as you walk in, leave your dish in the living room or  get up and not wash your hands before breakfast.  Natural not right.  ‘Right’ is not even the word.  Beneficial, mature, kind, helpful, purposeful, productive seem to fit better.

With children, when I stay up late they follow.  At least they do now.  In their youth I was put them to bed and have the evening to still be productive.  Now, they JUST WON’T GO TO BED!  So my productivity goes down.  They want to play a game, go in the hot tub, read a book together, and tell me about their new garage band song.  For all those of you with toddlers thinking right now, “just make them!”  I say just wait.  Just you wait.  I’m digressing and getting completely off point.

I’d like to be able to close my writing room door and do my intentional bit of writing.  I realize that I can’t do that in the evening, I have to do that in the morning.  Yes, before THEY