I’ve forced myself to sit in the black leather office chair and read the powerpoint notes on the page.  So many things pull my attention away, like the smell of cookies baking and hearing the laughter in the hot tub.  Focus.  I shut the door and take a small break with bloggy thoughts.

One of the advantages to taking developmental psychology is that alot of what is being taught I’ve learned hands on.  When they discuss about the interaction between biology and environment, I can clearly describe the differences between children and how I raised four of my offspring differently.  Same set of genetics, differently personalities. This makes test taking relatively simple.  The long-term memories of raising kids just have to be recalled.

Well, I met Peter this week.  I was walking head down on the campus parking lot, manoeuvring my way on an icy path when I almost ran into him.  He stopped me and held out his hand and introduced himself.  “What’s your name?” he asked with his smile reaching his clear blue eyes that matched the toque that he wore.  I told him Wanda and we discussed that he was waiting for a car ride not the bus and that it was a nice day to be outside.  With a wave and a smile I turned to walk up the steps to the campus library.

It takes something simple to remind me the truth of being in the moment.  As much as I’d like to hurry through the day, through my life, I should know that each moment matters.  Pay attention.

Every day is an opportunity to breath, to smile, to be kind, and to notice.

Nothing extra ordinary happened but the contact Peter made and his kindness to me made me feel good.  I guess I’m thankful he noticed me ’cause I probably wouldn’t have noticed him. Sad.

Well, study break is over.  It’s time to embrace review.