Mr. Owl

Some time ago I realized that I was a bird watcher.  One of winter’s greatest gifts is the birds that come flying around seeking seeds or shelter.  It is unfortunate that we have our dear cat, shadow, that has chased many of the birds away from our feeder.  Okay, all of the birds away.

I am dependent on going for a walk to see the birds.  If our feeder sits bare then I’ll have to snoop at the neighbors flocks and in nature.  Which is where I took the owl picture.  Wes saw it first, of course.  He’s the one who alerted me to go take a look.

Mr.Owl just sat there and let me get up real close.  Turned his head but once and only opened one eye.  I took a few pictures and in some of them the other eye is opened but it seems disfigured, or damaged.  Sad.  I’m sure this will affect his ability to hunt.

“Look at the birds of the air, they neither spin nor sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns, yet your heavenly father feeds them.  Are you not more valuable than they?” ~Mt.6:26

We heard him in the tree “hoo, hooing” last week.  There were two of them that flew up into the tall evergreen by our house.  Wynter and I shone a flashlight up and tried to see them.  We stopped and stared at nothing really. Just in awe because we hadn’t ever seen one before.  Taking these pictures yesterday were a real treat.

This gentle reminder tells me to slow down.  Pull back my thoughts and stay calm.  Like the poster (Keep Calm and Carry On).  Juggling the work in university with family can make me feel a bit frantic.  Lots of dreaming at night.

If the owl can still hunt and be fed and live in the trees with only one working eye.  Surely I can do my work here.

Thank you Mr. Owl for living in our tree for a bit.  We’ll be watching you.