Cast:God – (G), Wanda – (W)

W – Why do you make some people leaders God and not me?  Some people famous, shiny, sparkly, but not me?

G – Do you want people to watch you all the time?

W – Well, no not really.  But I’d like my life to count.  Really matter.

G – It does.

W – To who?

G – To your family, your husband, kids, friends.

W – But I want to have a HUGE circle.  More than family and friends.

G – Really?

W – I think???

G – Will you feel better about yourself?  Remember Solomon?  Popularity love is fickle.

W – But while you’re in it, it’s good.  You feel soo good to be popular.

G – So then you will feel better about yourself?

W – Yes, I can be proud.  I don’t have to answer stupid questions about why I’m going to university, and how is it that I am an auntie to people older than me, and explain the whole adoption stuff.

G – They’ll still ask.  People are complicated.

W – So, I’m destined to be average and amount to nothing of value.

G – You are valuable to me.  With out you a whole lot of job’s wouldn’t get done.

W – Well, sometimes I feel bad.  Not enough.  Invisible and boring.

G – Go to your truths.  Truths about my love.  I would die for you I love you so much.  I want you.  I need you.  You’re Beautiful.

W – I don’t believe you.

G – Believe me.