I remember gr. 5 in my little town, where winter lives for 6 months of year.  The new school principle just moved in and brought with him a new sport for girls.  RINGETTE.

 It was a game that you played on ice with a ring and a stick with similar rules as hockey but without all the equipment.  Let me clarify, it is NOT hockey for girls.

Back in the day we wore a red jersey sweat suit with white down the arms like the adidas stripe.  We had a helmet for safety and elbow pads in case we fell.  I had to trade in my beloved white figure skates for ugly brown boys skates.

Our first game we drove as a team to Wainwright, AB and got dressed in the hockey room laughing and drinking out of white and red water bottles. We won the game and I was hooked.  No more twirls and jumps.  Just hard fast skating, passing, and scoring goals.

Now the safety measure has been increased to include full body equipment and a special mask.  But the same camaraderie is there and I’m still hooked.  My BF from the first ringette team I ever played on, lives here in town and we go every monday to the rink and again drink from white and red water bottles.  Lots of laughs and falls.

I spent the past weekend playing ringette.  4 games in 14 hours! This sport is quite possibly the only exercise I do willingly and don’t notice the sweaty mess I become.

We had our annual wind-up tournament, complete with a dress up banquet to finish.  The theme was fairytales and I was an evil female villan.

Yes, Cruella de Ville.  poor puppies…

The best event of the night was the marshmallow throwing fight at the end.  One person just starts hucking the marshmallows and soon the whole room is full of flying white soft balls.  We regressed into children again.  So. Many. Laughs.

Team sports are life sports.  Recreation with intention.

Now I have to figure out what to do for exercise over the summer!