So much has been happening around me that I have scarce had a moment to blog.  So this post will not look like a polished, neat little witty post but more general observations that many see but fail to notice.

The View from Here~One of the harbingers of spring has been loudly observed.  No, not the robin but the yellow street cleaners.  This, hopefully, means that the roads will not become icy again.

~It is fun to eat oreos with a 4 year old.  They can help you keep the icing in one solid white disk by demonstrating the twisting motion.

~A professor should never begin a question with…”I probably shouldn’t ask this…” because they probably shouldn’t ask then.  Especially when the question is about why students are not attending her class.

~There is a chance that if you give rude gestures with your finger to someone else driving, you will spill your coffee and have to clean it up and stop your car.  Then the other driver will drive by with a wave.  Yes, I waved.

~I think a good measurement of how successful the prof was at teaching the material of memory and cognition should be how well I do on the test after applying the memory techniques.

~It is VERY HOT in the hot yoga class and as a reluctant sweater, I’m not sure why I’m in the class.

~A woman should not have to be patient or kind for 3 days of every month.  I’d like to be excused.

~The ipad has made it very hard for me to shut the light off and go to sleep because now the books have their own light and I can read in the dark.

Happy Spring Everyone.  I hope that you are feeling the suns rays wherever you may live.