I embrace the changing season as winter melts and the water soothes.  Sitting out on my patio chair the birds sing and all I can hear is the drip, drip of water off the upper deck.

Sunshine warms my heart and hope peeks its head around the corner.

Just a few more days.  Just a few more days.

March is my make or break month.  I still feel her hand rubbing my back with my eyes closed.  Telling me I can do it, and the sun is coming.  It bothered me in high school and bothers me now.  The high stress years bringing darker days and sleepless nights.

Spring thaw

There’s no motherly hug anymore but I have her words and the Lord sends the sun. When I was doing my photo walk-about I almost missed the buds.  The cherry trees have baby buds on them ready to burst when the weather warms up.   So besides the hope I get from these,  I also anticipate the cherry’s to eat by the handfuls.  yummm.

We’re away next week for my prescribed dose of Mexican sun.

Any interesting photo ideas that I should take when I’m there? I’d love your input and I’ve decided that in the month of April I’d giveaway a photo to any requests.  Yes, to your door in a manilla envelope.  If you ask, you shall receive.