The moment you step out of the plane onto the tarmack, feel the humidity and see the palm trees waving is my favorite part of going to Mexico.  The anticipation of a great time soaking in the sun, the waves, and leaving your worries behind.  And this year was no exception.

We flew to a different part of Mexico called Huatulo, a very small area in Mexico off the beaten tourist path.  It is down the pacific coast nearer to central America versus the US.  There were 15 of us in total, with the Gilman family and a mutual child-hood friend and her family.  There is something magical about reconnecting as adults.  The feeling like time ever passed and yet, there they were holding hands with their children.

The three of us - me, T, and D

Unfortunately I picked up a bug somewhere so for 3 days I was holed up in my room.  I’ll spare you the details BUT I think I caught it on the plane not in Mexico.  I have been to the Caribbean and other parts of Mexico and never gotten sick like that.  So I wouldn’t worry about traveling to Mexico HOWEVER as a precaution, always carry advanced immodium.

Folklore tells me that one day in Mexican sun is like the equivalent of a whole winter season of canadian sun.  I would agree.  The switch was turned on the day after we got there.  Spontaneous smiling and a feeling of peace.

I feel very fortunate to go somewhere warm and give thanks to God for the airmiles points and the savings account.  I know I am lucky.  I tell our kids how lucky they are to go.  While we were buying sandals at Walmart the cashier commented on our upcoming trip.  She was around 20 years old.  “My parents never took me anywhere hot…”

If you want to go to a guaranteed hot weather location then Huatulco is great.  It was somewhere around +40 degrees everyday.  Keep that in mind.  I actually sought out the air-conditioned rooms.

The pictures can tell the rest of our vacation.  Buenos Dias!


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