When the meal is done with dishes on the granite and when we’ve savoured every bite,  we head outside.  The dogs walk and we run and laugh and trespass just to get the great view.  The neighborhood is not safe from our eyes and we notice the iron work and the wild yellow flowers.  The realtor signs are met with an “oh, they’re selling?!” cluck, cluck, cluck.

Sometimes Weston rides his bike up driveways and we walk in random array, not in order but in step.  In step to converse about life and heartaches and dreams for the season.  It is so pleasurable that we insist on taking the double block and stretching out the carefree event.

This has become a tradition for us.  The celebration might be a birthday or easter or just because we love each other.  Our family gathers, oma and opa, aunt and uncle, cousin and friends.  We finish the walk with chilled faces entering through the squeaky door and warm up by the hot coffee.

Life is not meant to be traveled alone but in groups, holding hands and running, and playing horseback at any age.  I invite you to enter into your family and do life with them.  Not as bystanders reading the christmas newsletter and envying all the accolades.  But as those who love.  Who love the imperfections of aunt Sally and the quirks of cousin Joe.

For inside family your best story is made and life is lived to the full.