My soul, it wanders in transition.  Looking for a place to rest.  When my feet are finally on the ground then I can run again.

University ended with hours of sitting in front of notes and dreaming about cognitions and development theories.  I empathized with those suffering from strange psychological phenomenons and left the world of third year psychology a bit changed.

Most of all I realized that normal does not exist.  We all have symptoms of craziness.

And it’s so grand.

With books put away and the home based business already demanding my time I had to escape.  To regroup inside my insanity.

I thought about blogging nearly everyday but the words and will did not match up.  As much as I think I’m in control life has a way of making me do what it demands.  There were kids to drive to soccer and kitchens to order and rooms to paint.

Now my oldest daughter has begun expressing herself on the internet, without my encouragement or suggestion. Art has crept out of her.  Check out her tumblr page if you have time.

And I will write again.  The monkey brain inside is hushing and I can focus on craft.

Soon I will post some pictures of an investment property that we are renovating.  Maybe get some ideas for your place?

Also on my mind is the adoption story I want to tell.  It will kinda be like walking around with my pants around my ankles, exposed.  But perhaps give you a fresh view of how grace and sorrow are related.

And now I feel like there should be a movie clip saying “take two” after my long hiatus.  In everything there is a season and it was my time to be quiet.

Happy Spring.