In case you were wondering how I fill my days when I’m not doing all motherly things, let me tell you about our house project.  We are renovating a little home near our beautiful lake to rent out short term or use it for family who come to visit.  Truthfully I’m not sure just how we’ll use it.  I’ve come to realize that I am a project person.  Without “something” I feel a little…well, bored.

Like all good renovations we thought it would take a month, but here it is after 3 months and we’re just finishing up.  There are many stresses to renovating and patience becomes a virtue.  Lack of patience turns you ugly.

I can officially say I have painted every square nook in our little reno.  That part is done, and now we put the rest back together, cabinets, blinds, light fixtures, etc…It’s all this little stuff that makes us feel like we’re walking in mud, very slowly.  At the same time, I don’t really want the process to be finished because then the dream gets put into action.  That part is scary.  That part takes loads of belief in your idea.

Whenever we tell people our plan we are often bombarded with horror stories of renters or things gone bad.  Sometimes they give us the eyebrow and look at us as if we’re crazy.  The challenge is to not let their comments affect our vision.

It takes a lot of courage to show someone your dream


Any time you have something big to attempt, something that takes you out of your comfort zone and requires a lot of work, something you have dreamed of doing, that is when you must become focused.  Vision and reality must do a dance to succeed, each one dependent on the other.  Hand in hand swirling and twirling, with arms wrapped around the other.

We’ve turned a sad little outdated home near the beach to a charming beach cottage.  It’s not spectacular but it’s definitely better.  I’d even say fantastic but then I’d be bragging.


This week we are going to stay in our little home for our first summer vacation.  We’ll do all touristy things and check the house for leaks and creaks.  Crossing our fingers!  If you are interested I’ll be blogging about our days and will show pictures of the place.

The website is  but it’s not up yet.  Takes a bit of time to register.

Happy summer STAYcation!