There is nothing quite like unpacking your suitcase and seeing a paintbrush and measuring tape in the closet.

I’ve said it before and said it again, that packing up for a 3 day trip takes the same amount of work as does leaving for a month.  After remembering to grab the bread from the freezer and milk from the fridge and yelling at someone “to water the plants on the deck good!!!”  We were off.

I drove the car the full 5 km toward the beach house and Wes pulled in later with the bbq that still needed to be assembled.

Normally when you get to your destination you run into the house claiming bedrooms and jumping on beds.  This place was no exception but unfortunately the home owner hadn’t made the beds yet!  Right, that would be me. So we spent most of the morning claiming bedrooms and making beds BEFORE jumping on them then putting food away and some dishware.

There are 4 rooms in the rental, 2 queen size, 1 double and 1 single.  The boys took the downstairs beds much to Wynter’s dismay – she wanted the single bed.  And Wes & I get the master bedroom.  There is only 1 bathroom in the home but it is clean and bright and has a great showerhead.  What more do you need after a day at the beach?

We plan on playing tennis and hanging at the beach tomorrow.  And most likely have an afternoon nap and read magazines.

I think of Emerson’s line in “Merlin’s Song”

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea.  Drink the wild air salubrity.

Salubrity means conducive to health or well being.

There is still some yard cleanup to do and some paint dings that will be filled but mostly we’ll be enjoying the wild air.  Drinking it up full.

I wonder how you will vacation this year?  Do you like to camp, motel it or use cottages to get away?  I think it’s important to plan rejuvenation for your health.  So does Emerson.