We stand quiet on the paddleboards and Wynter says, “see mom, that’s my favorite sound.”

All we hear is the sound of the lake splashing and slooshing against the paddleboard.

It was glorious out on the water today.  Nearly +30 and calm water.  Since we’ve lived here I have wanted to try the stand up paddleboarding.  We happen to have a famous shop down the road AND host a race here everyear.

image source

(Image not mine, of course I didn’t bring my camera!! uggg.  But this was taken at Kal.)

They are surfer like dudes who own the Kalavida shop.  It’s like chewing bubblegum and walking he says to us.  You just get out there and do it.  So we walk like stuffed penguins in lifejackets to the beach.  Awkward as we hold the board tucked into our arm crossing the road.

And then we’re off, starting on our knees and 30 seconds later we’re up.  But mostly we’re smiling.  We admire what the millionaire houses on the lake look like, and the beauty of the glassy water.  The boats are few today because it’s still a work day for most, so the waves are quiet.

Crossing the lake and our hours run up, we head back to return the boards. He ‘no worries’ us about all the sand on the life jacket.

It was right here to do all along.  I didn’t have to fly to Mexico or even drive to Vancouver.

The rest of the day Wynter and I sat at the beach with some friends.  Friendships that are growing and blooming and ones that I have prayed about and oh so missed since leaving the prairies.

Life takes time and life takes patience.

My skin is pink and tanned.  Proof of my beach time and my day enjoying the sunshine. It’s back to work tomorrow for Wes and I’ll keep at the vacation ’til evening.  Then there’s the fun part of packing up.  Hmmm, maybe I need to drink more wild air.