One of the things I have learned about renovating so many times is that it is really hard to relax when you see unfinished projects.  In fact it is down right energy draining.

Ask anyone who is undergoing a renovation if they pull into their driveway late in the evening and they take a really deep sigh and look deep within to give themselves enough courage to step through that front door?  YOU BET THEY DO!

Home is where you come to retreat from the demands of life.  Where you grab a cup from the cupboard and pour yourself some milk and sit at the couch without an air compressor tripping you.  There are no paint brushes sitting in the sink to be cleaned.  Home is cooking and sweeping and feeding dogs but no big visual changes.  And that is what renovation is.  Change.

So yes, today, I picked up the hammer and saw…the unfinished painting and window caulking and went beserk.  Yes, I painted and fixed and sprayed and then lied on our bed in the heat exhausted.  It wasn’t much of a vacation today.

The best part was getting a screamer at Macs store.  yummm.  I really am 13 eh?

That and the fact that my two kids painted an old outdoor chair set a wicked blue.  I didn’t do a thing except boss them around!  Thanks Wardan and Wynter!

Truthfully all of the okanagan is a playground and we don’t have to live this close to the beach to enjoy it.  But it is nice to just walk there and back, no parking required.  But not necessary for us. It’s time to go home.

*     *     *     *

I wonder if all mother’s feel their children’s birthdays deep in their memories? Today one of mine turns 15 and I can still remember it.  The playing volleyball on the lawn with my belly getting in the way, walking past the oma’s on the couch heading to the bathroom to breathe through the contractions.  They told me later that after the 3rd time I went by they ‘knew.’  Her arriving before the doctor did, surprising us all.

The tanned skin she was born with.  Her upturned feet that hugged her hips.  All pure sweet love for me.

It was pure grace that evening.  The day Waverly was born.

Today she is at Eagle Bay Bible Camp.  She’ll be there for a month.  This is her third time celebrating a birthday there.  This time I’m a little lonesome.  I didn’t go out to see her because she’d only been there a week and I sent her a fun package to open like I always do.  But today I know that soon there won’t be birthdays with us in our family.  She’ll be off and running like all growing kids do.

Happy Birthday to us all.