I wrapped my arms around his torso and held on tight to the cotton jacket.  I was sitting behind him on the yellow machine and can’t believe how spontaneous I was.  He asked me if I’d like to go for a ride and I said sure.  Got my jeans and shoes on and we were off.  The extra helmet even fit.

My husband has a quad and I never know quite what the attraction was.  It stinks of exhaust and is loud and powerful.  Scary to a town girl whose playground were the streets of Neilburg.  Think DANGER…He says to me he’ll be back and off he went on the 4 wheeled machine.

2 hours later he would pull his helmet off with a grin, park the toy and go back to fathering or husbanding.

Let me explain how we got to a mountain side so quick.  Our subdivision is built at the base of a mountain facing south.  That means that where we live is hot and dry and not a lot of trees.  If you went up a kilometer there are forests and ponds simply because of the cooler temperature. The forestry industry has left rough roads that web through the forest and the all terrainers have claimed them and use them know to go explore or hike or “fool around.”  We drive on past the dead end road at the end of the subdivision and grab a trail after a bit of a bush run.

This is his land.  His home.  Where he grew up.

My wide prairie sky and salty lakes are not his.  I watch for deer and coyotes, he scopes for elk and bear.

Being the age he is, there were days in his youth that he would go bike for hours up on the mountainside without any adult wondering where he was.  And that lives inside. A vast land not inhabited by people or development.

As I hold on tight I feel the explorer inside Him,  looking for paths and sights that are new and exciting.

And I hold on gazing at the view of the whole valley with a bursting heart of amazement.

His courage to explore and have faith in the process helps me where I am fearful.  It was also so nice to hang on tight to the one that I hold dearest.  Reminded me of when we were much younger, motorbiking around the streets of Vancouver.   How I loved that feeling of freedom.

I don’t know if we do need another quad for me to drive my own.  I think I’ll keep jumping on behind him, the explorer.