As summer comes to an end, YES THERE IS ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT, panic generally sets in.  Did I get it all done?  Did we have a good family vacation?  Am I ready for routine again?

I’d have to say that summer is my favorite season and where I live the weather is always hot.  If you want to guarantee a sunny day at the beach you come visit me.  But with that summer is also my most boring season.  That is an oxymoron Wanda, what are you talking about?

Summer is a giant void.  Yes, it could be.

I’m the blond kid in the 80’s who loved shopping for school supplies.  Crisp jeans were important but never as much as the new pastel HILROY notebooks.  The books and pens were all so fresh and full of possibility.  I could hardly wait to learn something new.  When the text books were handed out to us while sitting at our brown wooden and metal desks, I always volunteered to help.  This was to ensure that I recieved a new text.  One that had a stiff spine and pure pages that had never been opened.  This knowledge was mine to embrace for the first time.

In the beginning days of 30 degree weather, pure nothingness is a well needed break from driving schedules and lessons but half way through I’m empty.  My fuel tank is gone dry.  That probably explains why I start looking for learning.  And also become incredibly slothful.  ebb and flow.

So, let’s consider some of my 2012 summer firsts.

First time:

  1. Wes and I went on vacation together that I DID NOT worry about the kids left behind.
  2. 2 of my children had part time jobs.
  3. We did NOT go on a family camping trip
  4. I took in a boot camp at my gym.
  5. We managed a summer vacation rental home.
  6. My son did not play football, and has opted out of this sport.

How have I been slothful?  Here comes my confession.  First, I started an online course in June and have literally spent only 2 days on it.  Yes, I have to get going on this.  Second, {this confession is actually more encompassing than just one item}, I have shed all routines of housecleaning, writing, food watching, laundry, photo taking…you get the point.

As Wes and I walked down the road yesterday with my back aching from the slope of the mountainside, he described that I act every summer like a cat clawing at the scratching post, never with enough.  hmmm..

Regular routines, they enhance my ability to take in life.  When I think I have nothing to take in, they fall down.  So I scratched away 2012 summer.

But I have had fun and still love my funny memories of Oregon.