We were just finishing buying hoodies and socks for the new school year while the car was getting serviced.  Did you know that the shop will shuttle you to where you want to go?  They even give you free bottles of water.

It was a perfect opportunity to get some shopping in with half of my children.  In my experience it has payed off  to separate the boys and girls when going to the mall.  Boys see EB Games and future shop as priority where girls browse all clothing stores, slowly, savouring every last glittery earring.

As the boys and I climb in the mini-van we say hello to the shuttle driver and the little old lady in the front seat.  She’s not really old but nicely wrinkled from the sun and she admits to loving the sun within minutes of introduction.

We do the small talk thing and then, it happens.  She starts telling us what to do.  In a nice wise voice that has seen life and embraced it.  Certain of herself.

I bought my son a plane ticket to Europe.  I told him to figure it out.  He’s got the rest of his life to go to school or university.  He needed to learn about LIFE.  They don’t teach you that in school. If he ran out of money I told him to not come to me.  I won’t be givin’ him any.  He could figure it out on his own.

Wardan looks at me in horror and I stare at him grinning ear to ear.  Our first borns are always the test trial  to every parenting scheme and he’s afraid I might try this one.

I ask her more leading questions to get more info about the hostels and how long he stayed there.  She was more than happy to share with us.

When we get back to the dealership she looks at me and says, “that’s right mom, you kick him out.  You kick him out.”

I smile and we part ways.  Whether I take her advice will yet to be seen, but the boys got a good taste of how talking to strangers can be quite an adventure.  We climb into my fixed up Juke and roll down the windows to let the hot air escape.

I thank God for her because she made my day.

I had been praying lately that I wish I had someone to tell me with what to do when the kids graduate and in the teen years.  He answered with a grin I think when we got into that mini-van.  Probably chuckling a bit as the conversation started.

Keep calm and carry on.