So what happened over the summer between folding laundry and sweeping the forever dirty floor?

Weston got a dirt bike and quit playing football.  We’re both happy and sad.

There was lots of lounging around on our red chairs and a certain 15 year old belly button got some bling.  Do not even give me your opinion because it’s done and we’re all happy and she’s still praisin’ the Lord.

I got this great idea from my BFF that I might like to drink more water by putting raspberries in the water and it worked.  Or maybe it was the purple cup with a straw that I really enjoyed?

There was supposed to be lots of studying about research methods and all that great psychology stuff, but when you’re sitting on the deck in the sunshine, distractions are everywhere!  So I’ll finish the course this fall in the quiet of the library.

My absolute favorite flower is the purple echinacea.  It grows in abundance in this zone so I’m quite pleased to add it to my flower border.

Of course there was peaches to can.  My peach tree is recovering from my {dear}husband’s harsh pruning last year but we do luckily have our own to pick and eat.  Come on over for a box.  Beware of the fruit flies.

An amazing treasure here in my area is the Kangaroo farm we found in the little town near us.  The kids loved it.  My friend from down under will like this one. This here is an albino wallabie!

The summer door is closing and we step into orange September.  I’ve tried to be pro-active with planning and hopefully stay a bit more sane.  No more leaving of the motherhood.  Are you ready?  What are you most excited about?