campus viewsI was driving home from ringette practice with Wynter and we both agreed that September flew by.  When the children were little I believed that the days were long but the years went by fast.  Does this mean that as the kids have gotten older that the months go by fast?

We’ve been busy getting to tryouts for Volleyball and Ringette.  I’ve sat in more meetings this month than all of last year and that’s because I volunteered.  Yes, I am on the Ringette association and after this past month’s decisions and deliberations I have a new respect for our politicians in government.  It is hard to accept that you can’t make everyone happy.  But, you can’t.

My Study room

My university studies are in full throttle and I’m thoroughly enjoying what I’m learning.  My creative juices and learning synapses are positively flowing with energy.  Let me describe 2 of my fav’s.

First I am taking a forensic psych course.  My prof. supplements his lectures with all sorts of stories from the field and I am mesmerized.  Yes, hooked.  People who are psychopathic and several degrees from normal have always made me curious.  Curious to understand why?

Oddly enough, I was enrolled in university for “criminology” in 1994!  Some things go full circle.  There really isn’t criminology any more and has been replaced with forensic psychology;  Where the law and psychology interact.  Needless to say they haven’t always gotten along as both sides have wacko’s and dogmatic personalities.

The second amazing course is Global Mental health in Children.  I took this because I “had” to but am surprisingly loving it.  The prof used to work in Switzerland at the WHO for mental health policies and helped to implement change.  Today we watched a video from Serbia about the neglect of children with ‘mental disabilites.’  I’m in the back row sniffling and pretending that I have something in my eye.

I cannot look away from global injustices.  I just can’t.

I loved living on my farm and walking in nature and only worrying about ‘my’ family’s health and wellbeing.  It was a comfortable bubble.  But for me, there is nagging in the back of my mind of those less fortunate all over the world.  Especially children.  I firmly believe that there is a time for everything.  A season in life of nurture and self-care, and a season of helping and reaching out.  Both are necessary to live a full life.

Now, I’m not sure how psychopaths and children in Serbia go together but I get fired up of all the possibilities.  I’m a visionary.  Yes, my DNA expects it.  How this will all play out I’m not sure.  It might mean a trip or it might mean a job with metal bars nearby.  It could even mean living on my knees in Canada with my cheque book open.  Who knows?

But possibilities are exciting yes?  We are never to old to learn don’t you agree?  I certainly don’t feel like it.

My camera has not clicked lately and I think that you might be seeing more instagram photos for the next few months as books and rinks and school gyms are my main studio.

Time to go get some sunshine while the fall weather lasts.