I typically do not jump on the bandwagon and pride myself on being a contrarion, but…HUGE BUT, this year I’m going to link up to the Nester’s 31 days of blogging.  Many bloggers in my circle are joining her and it is quite exciting to see what each person decides to uniquely share with the world.

I plan to blog each day a note.  A list of something serious, funny, boring, exciting, intellectual, creative and probably practical.  I will also randomly add a bit of things that I love, found from the internet such as blogs or youtube and such.

So…to start and without further ado.  Here’s my list of topics that I plan on blogging about.

  1. photography
  2. children
  3. groceries
  4. psychology
  5. style
  6. music
  7. videos
  8. death
  9. praying
  10. books
  11. painting
  12. writing
  13. photoshop
  14. being a wife
  15. motherhood
  16. adoption
  17. in my purse
  18. routines
  19. menus
  20. recipes
  21. gardening
  22. vehicles
  23. injustice
  24. teenagers
  25. teachers
  26. coaches
  27. memories
  28. surprise
  29. surprise
  30. surprise
  31. surprise!!

These will not be posted in any order and if you’d like to join in or comment please do so.  No heckling allowed though.  I already get enough of that from critics that I live with.  If you follow the link to the Nester’s page feel free to check out the other bloggers who love to write.  You might get inspired by their craft or encouraged by their thoughts.  Particularly if you’ve always wondered how to ______________.  (fill in the blank)

For example, I learned some great photoshop tips from her last year!

This image is my button and clicking it will take you back here, to the beginning of the 31 days.

I know it’s October 2nd already but I had a midterm today so I’m joining the party late!!