Day 2 of Notes.  (well really day 1 but who’s counting?) My attempt to blog for 31 days in October.  


I left for classes with 2 things on husbands to do.

  1.   Put up wallboard in the creepy downstairs bathroom.  You can see the guts behind the wall of the shower/tub.  It really is creepy what might be hiding back there.
  2.   Buy a new toilet for the same creepy bathroom. Preferably one that doesn’t flush a swimming pool amount of water.

So when I drove in and saw the discarded old toilet in the driveway tipped on its side, I was thrilled.  I ran downstairs to check it out and it looks fantastic.  Well, the wall needs a coat of paint but no longer will the kids be afraid to go to the washroom downstairs.

Another reno {partially,} finally complete.

Good bye creepy basement bathroom.

That’s one to do list done.  Check.  Got any large projects that just need one simple step?  Ya, I thought so.  Make a list and go.