Day 3 in my 31 day blogging journey.

This note is a list on photography. As most of you know I have been taking pictures since the dark room days.  Photography has evolved so much in the last 5 years.  With the advent of camera phones and digital SLR’s, every one has access to a camera.  So this list is more on what I use digitally on a regular basis.  I’m assuming everyone know the rule of thirds.  (You do know that centering the person in the picture is terribly boring don’t you?) In other words, no composition tips.

And yes, I use a mac.

  1. First off my workflow begins with lightroom.  Adobe Lightroom is fantastic because it takes my pic’s in RAW format and lets me play before changing to JPEG.  It is user friendly.
  2. I use Julian Kost for my lightroom guru.  All sorts of tips on workflow.
  3. The girls at Texas Chicks are fantastic.  They offer classes on presets and actions.  If you don’t know what these are, they are the tools to get your picture to look faded or b&w etc…
  4. My first how to blog that I visited was Land of Ka.  Not sure if she still even exists…Yep she does.
  5. I used to post to flickr but it is time consuming.  However it is another way to get in a community and share your themes.  (Truthfully I lost my password and need to create a new account.)
  6. There is also instagram.  Who does not love it?  This app is only iphone friendly unfortunately but I heard that androids might be getting it?  Instagram turns your pictures quickly into old polaroids.  There is even community in the upload process there too.
  7. Which brings me to the shutter sisters.  Love. Love.  Love.  This group was my first group of photobloggers that I found on the net.  Tracy Clark was my first subscribed blog feed.
  8. I don’t want to forget animoto.  They have the best video production but you do have to pay for it.  Professionals use them.  This is for all your home videoers!
  9. Remember to use your pictures!  Don’t just have piles stacked in your hard drive.  Make books, cards, calendars, and notebooks.  Yes even scrapbook!  I no longer scrap but here’s a few handy scrappers.
  10. My friend Sue is a Stampin’ up gal.  (she even blogs) but she has digital options and so too does Creative memories.  Yikes, I’ve used these competitors in the same sentence, but lets be friends.  I went to a scrapbook weekend and there I sat in front of my computer for HOURS making a book.  I got a horrible sore back so I haven’t been back since.  I blogged about it here.
  11. There is also online books that are so simple.  Costco, Staples.  I created a blurb book because it worked with lightroom.  I took all my Oregon trip photos and added some little poems and ta-da,  I “wrote” a book.  It came right to my door.

This should keep you busy for at least on hour on the computer!  Don’t forget that you have to “take” pictures to actually work with them.  And fall is a great time.