It’s only been 4 days of blogging in the 31 days and I’m already noticing something.  I am a bad writer.  Let me be clear.  I mean that I take a lot of liberties and assume you know me better than you do.  I leave things out of sentences and so on.   I try, yes I try.

Today is SOP’s.  Standard Operating Procedures in my house.  To begin I have to give credit to the flylady.  A little purple lady flying around the web.  It was years ago that a girlfriend told me to check her out.  This was way back when you heard the dial up sound and the internet was still not to be trusted,  everyone was assumed to be scamming you.  But I did look her up and she saved my sorry mess of a disorganized life.

I no longer receive her emails but her techniques have held fast and I modify them to what works for us.

What I’d like my SOP’s in the morning to be:

  1. 6am wake and have quiet time
  2. 6:30 am shower and get ready for the day
  3. 7:00 am make bed: have breakfast and send off kids to school in a peaceful calm manner
  4. 8:00am  catch up on emails and homework
  5. 8:30 am leave for school


  1. 7:00am get up and quickly shower
  2. 7:15 am  eat breakfast with kids while scrambling to get lunches and backpacks ready
  3. 7:45 am  finish getting ready – probably not make bed
  4. 8:15 am quick tidy of kitchen and grab apple and head to school

I am not a morning person.  Sleepiness lies on my body and refuses to let me lift my head from the pillow. I do know that getting up earlier really makes life much more peaceful in the family but in my calm bedroom the bed and the early morning light (or lack of) renders my muscles to jello.  I envy those who get up early naturally.  Really there is no excuse, it’s possible for me to rise early.   I used to crawl out of bed at 5 am to go to workout with a personal trainer at 6 am every other day. Yes I did.

It starts with going to bed on time and I know that.  Shut off the TV;  don’t check facebook or twitter.

Have you assessed areas of time in your life that need tweaking?

I’m still in the process of finding our fall rhythm.  Remember there is plenty of life yet to get in the groove.   By looking at this I’m only an hour off.