Day 5 brings with it a BIRTHDAY.  

Today we celebrate my husband’s life and birth.  He was one of 2 fighting to get out of the womb but graciously let his sister go first like a gentleman.  We now live less than a block from her and the family and it’s great fun.  No, they are not identical – fraternal.

A birthday list

  1. Did you know that the most common birth months are September and October.   hmmm what happened 9 months earlier?
  2. We like to celebrate with a cake; without it there is no birthday.  Tonight was no exception.  There were 3 extra children here as guests of our kids so we had cake, sang the birthday song and danced around the kitchen laughing and listening to arrogant worms.
  3. Gifts for adults get smaller.  Just more expensive.
  4. Birthday cards in the mail are still awesome.  At any age.
  5. A golden birthday is when you turn the age of your birthdate.  Mine was when I was eleven.  Wes was when he turned 5.

Our family is preparing for many other birthdays this month along with thanksgiving this weekend.  It’s definitely fall around here.