Day 8 of my notes.  Lessons from a returning student over 25.

My Study room

If you are going back to college, learn from me…

  1. Get a proper backpack.  Your neck will ache and will likely have a chronic headache the first week back.  Wear both straps over your shoulders.  Comfort over appearance.
  2. That being said, wear whatever you want.  Literally, anything goes now and chances are what you wore in grade 12 they’re wearing now as ‘new’ fashion.  A girl was sporting red knit leg warmers yesterday, yep.
  3. Sit near the front.  You can hear the profs better.  However, if you plan on surfing or the class is boring sit at the back so that you don’t disturb anyone while you check emails and Facebook.  Yes, it happens all the time.
  4. You need a laptop.
  5. Look over your student fees thoroughly and see if you can get a reduction for dental costs if you are covered or even other miscellaneous that you might not need to pay for.
  6. Treat your fellow students as people.  Not kids.  Yes they will think ‘young’ but common kindness goes a long way.  Sometimes the students have thought of me as one of them and other times they’ve looked at me like I must know more than them. No condescending please.
  7. Meet with an advisor ASAP.  They will ensure you are in the right classes and not taking biology that you don’t need.
  8. Know the cutoff dates.  You can drop and change classes up to 3 weeks in both semesters.  No fees or grade problems.  It’s okay to drop classes.  Sometimes you realize that you’ve bitten off too much and it swamps you.
  9. To get good grades in university there is a lot of memorizing.  Although you might comprehend more than the average student, to get the marks you have to memorize.  Think index flash cards.
  10. Seek out the study rooms, libraries and collegiums.  They will become your home away from home.  Headphones help.

I could tell you lots more about the lessons I’ve learned the hard way but I’ll leave that for comments or email.  There is a system to getting a degree and the sooner you learn your university’s rules (unwritten and written) the better.

Most important lesson:

Be Brave,  you can do it.