Day 11 – of my posts, on what my life feels like.

Day 10 – It came and went like the steam out of the kettle,  not hear long enough to leave an impression but leaving a small vapour on the cupboard door.

A note on my life

my life is like a black vinyl record with grooves in it that sometimes cause the music to be garbled when it hits a scratched bit.

my life feels like a calendar where November has 60 days and December and July only have 10 days to make a mark on.

my life is like a drama production where I am the main actor coming on stage with brooms, and pom poms, and backpacks.

my life feels like a free fall diver off a high mountain cliff when I look for motherly advice.

my life is like a peanut butter and honey sandwich with 4 slices of banana in between.

What’s your life like?