Day 15  – on how to love your style.  I think we could all use a little inspiration once in a while?

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What should the middle age women wear?  We are not yet 65, retired,  able to wear whatever we want and not care a flying flip about anyone’s opinions.  We are also too old to dress like our teenage daughters which sport the style you see in the stores.  Some of us are also carrying 10 pounds that sits nicely folded on top of the low riders or bulge through the back pockets.

I’m not much of a style guru, so I’m just sharing some LOVE from around the internet. By the way…word is out that ugg boots are bad.  B. A. D.  Or maybe I just hate them.  Who knows.

Here is a great plethora of information. This website has given me so much inspiration to stay trendy but yet not looking like a wanna-be-16 year old.

It’s also nice to see from other bloggers who share their style.  This girl also shows how to tie a scarf.  I mean really, who doesn’t love a scarf that covers a multitude of cookies from the night before.

This gal is very funny and full of advice opinions.  Check her out.

And who wouldn’t want to be encouraged to embrace our fabulousness at any age.

I would be remiss to not mention some pinterest boards.  Check out her and her.

Somehow I missed yesterdays post.  Day 14 came and went.  I really don’t know how full time mothers who work outside the house manage to blog every day.  I really don’t know.  Just keepin’ it real.