Dear Blog,

I want to tell you that I am really sorry for not being here everyday.  I know I said in October I would write to you everyday but I haven’t.  Please don’t think I have anything against you personally.  It’s just a highly ambitious goal I had on Oct. 1 before my school started.

You see, I think about you as a I drive to classes every morning.  I hold my Starbucks coffee in one hand and wind my way through the mountain side to campus.  I imagine what I’d say to you and all sorts of creative bits float into consciousness.  But I am driving and I can’t exactly type as I go.

Then I get in classes and have decided to pay attention to the lecture.  At my age I need all the extra time spent on the subject to make sure it stays in the brain.  So I didn’t really think of you then.  When I get to the library to do homework, I often scroll to your page for a minute but I only allow myself a half second to deliberate on writing or studying.  Lately studying is winning because of the midterms I’m writing.

I get home from school and begin driving one to volleyball and one to football and one to piano lessons.  Yesterday, I even squeezed a haircut in for myself.  Dark roots are not a good thing.  Supper time comes and there’s more driving to youth group or to ringette.  Husband worked the evening shift which started at 3 pm so I had to do it all and wouldn’t you know it?  I never got to sit at the computer all evening!

This was the pattern for the last few days and now it seems I’ve gotten behind in my letters to you.  But I haven’t have I?  You understand that seasons in life come and go and we all do the best we can in them.  There will be a time when I don’t have any driving to do and then I will be sad to not have opportunities with the kids, talking about the day, encouraging them, laughing with thier funny stories.  I will be done my higher learning and interacting with young adults and creative thinkers.

My dear blog I love you.  I am thankful that I have you to write and share and create with.  I will keep trying to get to you everyday in October.  Please forgive me while you sit quietly watching me keep up with daily living and working.