Day ~25 Food for Thought

Today in class we talked about culture and perspectives.

Some men in Spain were taking yet another break while they were shoveling the trees in the dirt.  They were comfortably leaning on their shovels taking a swig of water.  A passerby commented on why they were taking so long to get that tree in the ground.  They replied that “life’s short.  Why hurry?”

Another group of men in Germany were doing similar work digging in the ditch.  Their work was impressive and efficient and they dug twice as much compared to the Spaniards in less time.  Their backs were sweaty and their faces red with effort.  A passerby says to them, “wow, why are you working so hard?” They replied, “life’s short, we must work hard now.”

There is not a right or wrong way to live your life.  In fact your culture is deep inside you.  We’re bound by our upbringing and view.  It takes brain power to think outside what’s been ingrained.  Most of us won’t.

I have had one of those weeks that doesn’t allow for any slip ups on time.  Each appointment has another breathing down my neck urging me to not be late.  From school to work to teacher interviews to home at 9 pm.

The question I ask myself tonight, “why am I working so hard again?”