Day ~ 27 – Creative movies do exist…

So that I don’t drop any spoilers about this movie I’ll just tell you that you really, REALLY have to go see Cloud Atlas in the theatres.  It was theatre worthy.  Worthy of the exorbent ticket prices and fine dining popcorn.  Only movie theatres can sell popcorn and pop for $22 and people will still pay for it breaking all the rules of recession spending.

I have been contemplating lately on the use of reality versus imagination to speak messages.  We live in a reality generation of Survivor, American Idol, and Housewives of Vancouver.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed reading about Elizabeth Gilbert’s real life in Eat Pray Love  and laughing at her adventure of finding herself.  But did I get a message?

Did anything make me think “I believe in this, BUT, I may be wrong…”

Cloud Atlas was a piece of theatrical art that will span across time. It used language,  scenes and characters to cross though our truths and expand, yes, expand our view.  Is that possible through a movie?  I’m not a movie guru or even a real critic, I don’t even watch TV anymore!  But I almost cried at the end because of the pure creativity of the director and producer.  It really was art.  Tom Hanks was fabulous and I didn’t even notice that I had been there for 3 hours.

Wes and I chatted about the theme and ideas for an hour later.  Wondering about our views on the karma, and religion, and God and the “Natural” order of things.  I guess if you are not the philosophical type you will hate this movie, because that is what it is.  But it’s message is pretty simple but worth thinking about.

Happy weekend! Go get your movie ticket.  Try singing “let’s all go the lobby, let’s all go the lobby..” to cheer your mood when you buy your snack