Day 31 ~ What I’ve learned this month

Here it is, the 31st of October.  The final day before we flip up our calendars and get ready for snow and gloves.  At least here in Canada.  One months ending is making way for the next one to begin.  I like that the rhythm of finishing and starting.  Life’s like that.  Ending one season and starting another.

I can always tell when the kids are growing because they eat me out of house and home, their pants are high up around their ankles and they need way more sleep.  They look different, they act different and they have different needs.

This has been my month of growth.

It was with some reservation that I challenged myself to blog everyday.  I knew that my time was limited but it was a project for myself to write.  Writing is important to me as you probably can tell.  So, my analysis of this month is not that I failed but that I am limited, and have made some choices that are inconsistent to what I value.

And blogging is not what I’m evaluating, rather what priorities I have and how I think about them, if they are still priorities.  My inconsistency at blogging was a symptom of something that I don’t like in myself.  Not even my discipline, but that I might be “wrong.”  {gasp}  What’s that?  Wrong.

I think I know what I’m doing, most of the time.  Who doesn’t?

Right now I’m in 5 courses and 1 online course plus a family with 4 children.  Most universities recommend 5 courses max or 4 and a part time job.  Why?  Because to get the successful marks to garner awards or scholarships you must devote a certain amount of time to each subject.

Also, in our family life I have dropped a few things like regular exercise and moments to meditate.  Don’t even look at my garden or the rotting plants in pots on my deck that probably won’t get cleaned out before the spring.  I probably wouldn’t have noticed these gaps but my inconsistent blogging was the GIANT ARROW pointing to them.

Growth and shifting.  Accepting that I might be wrong to have took on So much.  That I might have said yes to too many things.  My ability to multi-task is coming at a price.  A cost.  The book never told me that.  What?  Yes, I read a book in preparation for the fall called “How to do twice as much in half the time!

Even reading this I feel a little foolish.  One of those “what was I thinking” moments.

So, on to some good to come out of this month?  First, is that I CAN do more than I expected.  I challenged myself to go harder and be more efficient with my time and mostly I was.  Also, I’ve embraced a principle from Bréne Brown on being vulnerable.  I had heard about her a few years ago then stumbled upon her through another blogger. She gives a fantastic TED talk.  Check this link.  It is so very worth it.  With vulnerability comes great freedom and unrealized power.  Power in yourself but also power to lead others.

I also did take time to do a family photo shoot in all the fall glory of orange.  I’ll leave you with these pictures and THANK YOU for listening to my rambles.  I hope you still believe that there is art in the everyday moments as I do.   You just have to look for them.

Happy halloween!