The smell of the apple crisp fills the kitchen.  We’ve finished a traditional dutch dish called stamppot, which is mashed potatoes and endive lettuce mashed together with a buttercream sauce, and now we wait for dessert.  Grandma insists that sausage adds to the savouriness of the potato dish.  She also adds saved bacon fat from breakfast.  I think this tops comfort food.  I’m ever so grateful she’s taught me a few dutch traditions.

Now we’ll sit with a cup of tea and some apple crisp and catch up in the living room.

If my husband was here we’d play a game.  But I hate games.

Instead we watch a home renovation show and talk about life and the week that passed. The girls in their fuzzy socks lounging on the couch, phones set on the coffee table picked up periodically.   Tonight does not bring with it school to plan for, as it is a holiday tomorrow because of the world wars.  We remember our veterans on November 11.

Football and Volleyball season have finished and we all sigh a bit deeper with one less commitment.  This reprieve only lasts as long as basketball starting and planning the driving lessons for the oldest.

I am not waiting for life to slow down.  I slow down on purpose this sunday.

There has always been a rhythmic day of rest since I’ve can remember.  Usually on Sundy.  An afternoon nap or a evening of dimmed lights and cake and coffee.  The body needs a soul break.

I hope you are slowing down once a week.  Slowing to breathe and not thinking about appointments on the calendar and work that needs to be done.  The laundry will always be with us.  It is the weeks that I don’t rest that life feels frantic and I start to come undone.  Like a knitted scarf unraveling.  

May your sunday be full of family traditions with mashed potatoes, bacon and warm apples.  May you find peace in the dimming of lights and soft comfy couches without a day planner by your side.