The first Christmas Craft fair of the season.

The sun is shining in the patio doors and it’s warm enough this day in November to clean the vehicles in the driveway.  I still am wishing for a white Christmas and cold weather, however I’ll even take this heat as long as it comes with the sun.  I need the sun.

I’ve taken a hiatus from writing to regroup and get organized for the most dreaded wonderful time of the year.  I sometimes wonder what has ever happened to my enthusiasm for all things glittery and bright?

I think that repitition without meaning and the advance of materialism can make me lose the ‘peace on earth.’

Enough with the flyers filling my inbox and my mailbox. You know who you are – Beyond the Rack, Canadian Tire and friends…

I am bombarded by the commercial market to spend and spend.  This year I’ve been pondering and hypothetically thinking about what Christmas could look like.  What if Christmas doesn’t come from the store, what if it is really so much more?  – grinch.

Growing up Christmas was focused on my Christian faith and that the “true” meaning of Christmas came from Jesus’ birth.  Smack dab me when I realize that this holiday is just another church tradition.  You mean Jesus wasn’t born on the 25th of December?

I was talking to another friend who is similar in age, who has experienced at least as many Christmas’ as I and she too was trying to figure out how to make Christmas enjoyable.  Mothers, we don’t have to hate this season.  We don’t.

I propose a toast to Christmas of 2012.  A Christmas that doesn’t have a homemade Christmas magnet advent calendar and one that says yes to buying craft fair baking.  And that brings me to the ‘reason for my season.’  Hope.

Hope that there is light in the darkness.  Hope that it isn’t all meaningless.  Hope that the shopping and present wrapping is not just filling the bottomless void of wants and landfills in January.  Hope that our family and friends will not judge us by our Santa on the mantle and gifts under the tree.

The early church leaders knew that the darkest days of December needed a pick-me-up.  They didn’t even know about Seasonal Affective Disorder then.  With only candles for work light past 4 pm, humanity needed to know that one day the earth would tilt and the sun would shine again.  They decided a celebration that embraced their faith and turned to the hope story.  The story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Fast forward to 2012 and all things scientific, capitalistic and overpopulated that we think we don’t need hope.   We are super mothers that have full time blogging careers, homeschool our children, take university classes, drive around to music lessons and hockey practices, only to don our aprons and whip up some lovely shortbread.  I’m tired just typing that.  I don’t actually do all those things…(my kids go to school everyday on the bus).

Join me in finding hope this season.  I’m going to write a little of my thoughts on how I’m trying to enjoy Christmas again.  Perhaps you might like to share how you are finding hope this year.

I just found writer Rachel Held Evans out in the blogging land.  She has some fantastic satire that you might enjoy before this Christmas season begins.