christmas pre-072It’s snowing outside and the sky is white over the mountain range.  I see the red barn from my window and I am content.

Only one more exam to write about the effects of parenting and poverty on child development.  Yes, a bit depressing but worth becoming aware of.

The tree went up this week.  Unfortunately our usual tree farm was sold out of all the “good” trees, (full and tall) so we just picked up one that was slightly LESS full.   Wes and I brought it home and when Weston saw it he asked if we could ‘return it’? Then I knew then that it really was going to be our FIRST charlie brown tree.

But after the decorations and lights went up it seems to fit the mood of the living room and our life this year.  Slightly lower key and less stress on having the ‘perfect’ Christmas.  The kids sat around and I read a story by Pearl S. Buck on a Christmas Morning and even still, teenagers or not, silence and stillness descended while they listened about the man who gave love to his dear Dad one Christmas eve.

christmas pre-047 christmas pre-042 christmas pre-041 christmas pre-040christmas pre-052Today is my birthday and I feel loved with calls from family and Facebook hugs of well wishes.  I’m going to redeem my starbucks card for a moment of latte happiness when I walk out of that exam room.

 Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present. ~

Roger Babson