We have hope that the darkness will not last.  There is good and beauty in kindness of humanity and our God does not lie, but gives a promise for our future.

  • I had 4 items in my cart at Walmart and the lady and gentlemen tell me to go ahead of them.
  • My daughter volunteered to walk the dog tonight, she who rarely does.
  • I laughed over dinner with my husband on our double date with best friends.
  • my husband folded the laundry, again, and offers, again.
  • I high five my teen son after he nails the drum part in the jazz concert.

Could this be Christmas?  That we should see all this light shining around us?  I do not want to need the darkness but rather accept seasons in life and in the calendar that pitch us in the blackness.  How beautiful it is that God should not leave us stumbling, falling in the dark hour.

The flick of the match, flames on the wood, and glow in a baby.  Emmanuel.  A beautiful reason to celebrate this month far from the sun.  The hope for something more than we can see.

The hope is hear around us though.  It has come and humanity is sharing it, if we look for it we can witness it in little ideas, small gestures, simple kindnesses.

When it snowed last week I felt like my Christmas gifts came early.  Snow falling softly on the trees.  The angels must be singing.

christmas pre-028