2012 has come and gone and it’s fun to highlight the best and {worst} of times.

january12-042We didn’t have too much snow last year but lots of frost.

Spring thaw
Spring thaw

I went back to university after a semester off and felt Way better about switching programs, despite that the end graduation date was now postponed…a bit.

mexicofam12-2-041 mexicofam12-2-026Then we went to Huatulco, Mexico in March for a family vacation which was great to share with close family and friends;  except that I got so sick that I dreamed about disinfectant and my cold bed in Canada.

soccerbaptism-029 soccerbaptism-035The kids played thier sports of ringette, basketball and soccer.  This is also the June where I almost quit the motherhood.

bungalow-005 beachhouse1-015-tableWe began renting our summer okanagan vacation home. A labour of love that tested our patience as we renovated and ventured into a business where we had never gone before.  There was a lot of…”so that’s how it’s done” and “sorry, here’s a coupon for the washer not working.”

Newport beach waves on pacific iphone-791

Wes and I took a much needed holiday just the two of us to the Oregon Coast where we played in the wind and I found my laugh again.

soccerbaptism-039 soccerbaptism-044 soccerbaptism-048

Our daughter was baptized in the Okanagan lake surrounded by those who do life with her.  As parents we couldn’t have been more proud and grateful to God for his hand of blessing in her life.


photo by Waverly
photo by Waverly

September meant more of the same however the 3 oldest children are now sharing highschool memories and Wardan is graduating.  We are so excited for him and his future but it also means as a family we’re shifting again to another stage.  Always shifting.


A blogging highlight was the letter I wrote to myself as a 15 year old.  I also participated in the 31 days of blogging notes.

31notesheaderThese are the school days of prepping, preparing and praying for our children as they mature into adults.  Days when time management is critical and meditation is crucial.

This year we also buried a friend and grieved with the family.

familyfallshots12-056 I also hung more pictures on the walls and organized a few more closets.

schoolthanks12-051There were best moments like when our oldest got his drivers licence and worst moments when I heard the ugly green yelling monster lash out of my mouth at the family.

But the world didn’t end on December 21st despite the fact that I desperately prayed for some kind of redemption after the great evil in Conneticut.

The clock will strike midnight on Jan. 1 and we will all ring in the new year.

May you have a wonderful celebration of 2012 whether it be with friends or family or with your eyes closed while you sleep.  May you trust that God has time in His hands and you need not worry.