Over the last few weeks i’ve slipped quietly into the cocoon.


That is not to say that I sat still waiting for life, just that writing and creating have been held outside for a time.  And that is why my posts have more days between them.

However, I’m excited to tell you about some things I’m learning this semester.

Surprisingly pleasant is the course of Statistics, learning how to interpret social science.  For example, if I said to you 14-34-7 w 3, these numbers would mean nothing to you right?  But they could be my locker code when I was in high school or my garage door security code.  (They aren’t so you can consider breaking in to my messy garage foiled.)

Pike Lake Farm House, SK
Pike Lake Farm House, SK

In fact, 14-34 7 w 3 are the latitude and longitude of our farm on the prairies.  They represent a place of farming, family, gardening, happiness, cool breezes, sun drying clotheslines, and horse ornaments on the lawn.  This is in essence what statistics of social science are.  A numerical representation of current thoughts and psychological trends in humans.

I confess that when I started down the psychological stats path, I scoffed at manipulating numbers to represent the abstract.

Probably because I was afraid it would be hard.  But as I’ve understood the logic behind counting the yes’ and no’s to questions about life and behaviours, the numbers paint a picture.  And getting to those numbers reveal a code.

My prairie girl Wave
My prairie girl Wave

spring calvesYes a code like 14-34-7 can mean spring calves.

Math is about codes and rules.  It is very black and white, right and wrong.  Every time i plug in new numbers into a formula and the numbers come out I am in awe of the creator of this system.  They always add up.  I believe that there had to be a God  behind all those numbers that seem random but when sorted, reveal a beautiful system of order.

I have not yet learned anything in my university courses that explains away my faith in God and his creation. Instead the information has illuminated the intricacy of my Creator. Including mathematics.

school-002However, because of my age and circumstances these classes are taking longer for me to process.  Would you believe that I had to relearn how to use a calculator to punch in formulas with square roots? And secondly, because this knowledge is merging and mixing with my existing beliefs, it takes time to broaden my view and learn how to filter out unimportant information.

november11-044The sun has been shining more and more here and the wet green grass is pushing off it’s snowy blanket.  This semester is half way done and soon will be done.  Madeleine L’Engle believes it is difficult to create in two spheres at the same time, and I would agree.  I currently am creating formulas and sentences explaining the theory of learned food aversions in research papers and tests.

Wishing you all a blessed spring Sunday.