When the children were little I believed that the days were long and the years went by fast.  But I think I’ve by happenstance I’ve found the secret to the pause function of time.  Yes, the secret that we all know but fail to do.  We choose it.  Deliberately stopping and being now.

winterevents-100winterevents-105The family sits at the table for dinner and all technology is forgotten and school plays and friendship drama is shared.  We pass the peas and someone burps.  He pushes her feet under the table and she complains.  It’s never perfect but its really now.

I’ve been gathering these now moments for some time and putting them in my memory box of journals.  This blog has been a gathering point as well for photos and stories.

winterevents-054 winterevents-056Some 87 years have passed in this grandma’s life and we celebrated with her and the family in White Rock.  Look for the big white rock in the pics.  Yes, tres cliche.

winterevents-132winterevents-128 winterevents-096 winterevents-095 winterevents-090 winterevents-087 winterevents-086This is not our first day at this beach but at every visit the time slows, waves lap and sunshine washes our face.  Oh, it’s good to be outside, living and breathing.  Canadians endure a long winter and spring is the reminder that seasons repeat and that there is hope.  We hope to feel heat from the sun and not just natural gas furnaces and insulation.

winterevents-081 winterevents-083Of course we had to put a loonie on the tracks and see it get flattened.  It’s been a tradition since I was a kid.

It feels like I’ve scooped up a bit of pleasure and I look around to see if others are experiencing it too.  Are other people having these little bits of goodness?  Sometimes we would rather hear about others misery so that our little life feels better.  But comparison is a thief.  It steals any joy that you have.

And finally we had to end the trip with some gelato.  Of course.