IMG_1827We undertook a yard renovation knowing full well it would disturb our life for a few weeks.  I’d argue that we underestimated the extent of the disruption.  When it’s nice out and we say “oh lets go out in the yard”  we look outside and realize that unless we want to bathe in dirt, the deck will have to do for  now.

This project began because the house we bought came with a yard that looked like a one-day place.  One day it was going to be finished.  And it sat for some 20 years.  No I’m not joking.  And this is not an isolated case for most home buyers.  I’m sure you’d agree that often the trim gets painted just before it’s time to sell.

IMG_1834 IMG_1835I’m not sure why we do that.  Why we start and never quite finish up those last ends.

I think It’s really hard to complete that which isn’t really necessary.

When I cook a meal can you imagine if just before the chicken was fully cooked I served it to the family and said “well, it’s just about done, no pink inside is a minor detail.  Can you overlook it?  Just eat.  I’m tired of cooking it.”

That seems silly doesn’t it.  Eating a cooked chicken is necessary to survival.  We will get very sick if we don’t.

IMG_1833 IMG_1831But I can survive without painted trim or a back yard with more than patchy quack grass and unfinished aggregate.  

Survival needs get finished.  Meals get cooked and roofs are built on houses to keep us dry.

I have a hard time seeing the unfinished project in a home and like many, have an equally hard time actually staying put and finishing it.  

We moved here two years ago and I’m just starting to finish painting those trim boards and move out old boxes.  I could argue that not seeing nail holes in my bathroom gives me as much peace as an hour of yoga.   Say umm with me.

IMG_1805So what’s undone in your life?  Any little things that need attending to? My friend, there awaits peace when it’s done.