June has been such a full month as always, with school coming to a close and many volunteering events for educational activities like zip lining or making candy decorations for a dry after-grad party.

However, June 2013 was different in a way because it closed some big doors.  I now have a graduated child and have no more elementary children.  This makes me look at time passing and become very cliche.

In brief, some things I’ve learned this June are:

  • Boys are easier and cheaper to graduate.  It’s as simple as deciding on a suit or a tux.  Blue, Black, Brown or grey.  Buy a fancy tie and take a trip to the local barber. Done.

    It's just that easy.  Shirt color of burnt umber.
    It’s just that easy. Shirt color of burnt umber.
  • MadMen is my new favorite show while Downton Abbey is away.  The irony is so funny when the advertisers in the 50’s (which are the madmen) discuss the research on smoking causing cancer.  They think it’s a just fad and people will always smoke.  Did society really think that? Personally I think Don Draper looks like my husband.

    I see similarities...Yes?
    I see similarities…Yes?
  • Fill large garden pots with bean bag foam to keep it lighter to move and use less dirt.  Some of my concrete planters are so heavy, so I tried this and yes it works.  I suggest not filling them on a windy day or you’ll have little white bits of styrofoam sticking everywhere.  Yes, I did.June2013-025
  • My cookbooks have become a collection.  Did you know I will read a cookbook without ever intending to actually go to the stove?  Why?  Why?! I’ll never make half of the recipes and now with pinterest I’m doomed.
  • If you’ve been married a while, being alone for a few days is good for perspective.  My husband went on a work trip for 6 days and I had to walk the dog, lock the doors at night,  stay up late watching MadMen, and clean the BBQ.  I even used walking opportunities to chat with the neighbours, played beach volleyball with new friends,  spent a guilt-free day doing nothing and everything, and I even drank a beer with pizza while watching eat, pray, love.  You know beer is for boys, wine is for women…

Our roles in marriage sometimes become very comfortable but not healthy nor facilitate self-growth.  I have been very dependent on him for things that I should have been self-reliant.  Think co-dependant. 

This revelation was not just because he left but we had a family member visiting us for Ward’s graduation who lives this life.

Our Aunt Denise.  Her aunt is 111, the oldest women in Rome. Just some FYI.

The lovely lady with the Red hair
The lovely lady with the Red hair

She travels and chooses trips and retirement because she wants to.  She recently walked the Camino de Santiago.  Alone.  With friends.  A 500 mile hike in Spain.

Sitting at the soccer pitch watching 13 year old girls run into each other and get red and sweaty, we discuss how we are more than our husbands wife.  I’m not just Mrs. Vanderveen.  But Wanda. But I must clarify that she’s a widow and these lessons were mostly learned through sorrow.

And just like I rub up against the lululemon clothing racks trying to obtain fitness, I lean into her words and life and try to obtain some wisdom.

*          *            *

What’s going on in your June?  I’m linking up with Emily today and encourage you to read some other posts.  You just might learn something or at the very least have a good laugh!