The morning drive is cool at 5:30 am.  The valley sun is only just rising over the mountain and my 14 year old sits quiet in the car as we cruise along to his job.  Summer job.

He moves water pipes irrigating fields of grass that aren’t yet in the backyards.  A turf farm.

The irony of every parent with teens is that you want them to work and earn money and become independent but it still requires your time to get them there.  It’s not like adults who get up, make their own lunch, hop on the bus or get in the car, come home, eat supper, go to bed and repeat.  There is parental involvement when kids work.  Mostly nagging.

I get home and the whole house is asleep this fine Sunday morning and I wander around my kitchen drinking coffee and eating peanut butter toast.  Should I go back to bed?  Maybe exercise?  Start writing?

None of these appeal to me so instead I waste time looking on my computer at kijiji for good deals on furniture, farm lands for sale, and random blogs.  I am totally unproductive and happy about it.  Not really happy but enough that I don’t feel much guilt.

That has been my summer so far.  Lots of the same with sprinkles of backyard pool party happiness and drama with family members at the cabin.

IMG_2141I suppose this is the life of a school teacher who has these wide open summers of indulgence.  But my wide open summer doesn’t have a secure job in August and I’d like it to.  My education seems never ending.

Did you know that Costco has school supplies out already?  Yah, I agree. It’s July still.  It is not time.

May you enjoy summer goodness as you eat a handful of fresh berries and be reminded that the summer is like life and meant to be savoured daily.