It’s time for us to haul out the ol’ camper trailer and do some family vacationing.

The camper has sat idle since last year and even then only saw a campsite once for 2 days.  The mosquitos ate us alive and forced us to take her home for relief.

iphone-630But this year we head to the prairies.  We know what we’re getting into. We head east and leave the hot sun.


tays in the win'
tays in the win’

We’re going back to where it all started.  

Where our roots run under wheat fields

and the children’s little feet played in the sand dunes.

We know that it will be windy there.  There will be bugs the size of hummingbirds.  The trailer will cool off at night and we’ll need our flannels.

We know the eye can see for miles of pale yellow  brown with only a strip of highway to cut the view.

And we can’t wait.


To prepare for a trip like this one has to go over a few things.  This is what I’ve been doing.

  1. Establish who is sleeping where.  Our camper has a bunk and no one wants to use it.  They are teenagers.  We might have to bring a tent. I bought a memory foam for our bed.  Call me a princess – I DON’T CARE.julyOregon2012-069
  2. Test all appliances before we go.  Fridge must keep food cold and stove top must have a light.  Or you will have spoiled milk and no cold cereal.
  3. Wash all bedding and towels before we go.  Yes, Please.julyOregon2012-073
  4. Restock fridge and pantry.  I recommend getting the little sugar cereal in the boxes.  It’s the only time you have permission to eat a sugar breakfast.  Also the mini-mustard and ketchup are a must.
  5. Pre-book the campsites if you can but be flexible enough to park on an abandoned lot by a teal green lake for rustic fun.
  6. Be prepared to drop millions of dollars to the mega-oil companies if you are hauling any type of trailer.  Gas is unexplainably expensive!
  7. Keep old books and magazines in your camping unit different from in the house.  I have a home reno magazine from 2008 permanently in the camper.  Feels like new every time I read it.  Once a year. julyOregon2012-071
  8. S’mores are old.  Bring oranges for cakes and bananas for boats.  Bread and pie filling are great too and nothing beats fresh gunpowder green tea at night.  Nothing.summer-fall-085 summer-fall-081
  9. Do a daily read as a family or group.  We have read ‘A Long Way from Chicago‘ one year and we still talk about it.  Books that are universal.  This year we’re trying ‘A Wrinkle in Time‘ by Madeline L’Engle.  She is awesome.
  10. Talk to your neighbors.  The campfire is a great place to share coffee or a beer with those camping near you.

Camping has been a part of our life since we were young and now we carry on this tradition.  It sounds very Canadian, tres cliché,  but we have all this land to explore and the home we pull around on wheels is a fantastic way to get into nature.

I’m sure you have lots more great ideas to make family camping successful.  Feel free to share.

Have you got any camping plans this year?