I’m sipping hot mocha and and typing with wifi.   I can hardly believe this is considered camping.

The only difference between this and our real life is the room size and the bed.  But I digress.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe picked this campground off the internet and are only passing through for one night.  It’s doing just fine for us.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALast post I talked about how great going camping is and some preparation but you must know that the prepping can be the MOST difficult part.  That is…mothers I tend to be very high strung when packing and preparing.

My confession is that I got ready a little like a shaken 2L bottle of coke.  Every time my preteen made a snark I was shaken up, just a bit, and by the time it was 5 pm the contents of my coke bottle was oozing and I fairly screamed my way around the kitchen and the dining room.

My neighbours had to close their windows and I needed to get some air.

The list was getting longer and more and more undone.  Remember pillows, blankets, soap, milk, water, coffee, flat iron, tent, children.  Remember. Remember. Remember.  So many don’t forgets.

Count to 10 and feel very bad for screaming things I cannot even write here.

So, all in all, I still forgot my flat iron and my husband didn’t pack the screened in tent. Two very important items.  But we’re traveling and having fun doing so.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This post is also the wrap up for July.  And I’ve learned a few things this month that are somewhat educational but mostly disregard-able unpublished news.  But you might relate.

1. It takes as much time to pack for a weekend trip as it does for a month.

2.  I have a bad habit of self-diagnosing.  Either that or I’m a hypochondriac.  Right now I may have hypothyroidism.  Ya, I know I’ve got to stop googling diseases.

3.  You can watch netflix using the wii (cool) but not watch a DVD movie (not-cool).  Why is that?  I would really rather an all in one.

4.  Plantain (the weed) is my new healing miracle plant that I’ve learned about and I’m on the lookout for it every where I go.  I think I’m becoming a witch doctor.  I can’t wait ’til someone gets a bee sting so I can grind up the plant in my mouth with gnashing of teeth and place it on the bite.  For Real.

5.  The price of gold was bound to drop.  So was potash.  Remember buy low, sell high.

6.  Perhaps the best advice I’ve ever received was to get more sleep.  God says Go to Bed.

And perhaps that is the best healing tool of all.  Rest.

The camper is dark and the computer now lights the table so I’m off to sleep.  How’s your summer been?  Check out Emily’s links here to see what other cool bloggers have learned in July.