ImageI’ve come to love these ‘wrap up the month’ posts; where I summarize with useless, yet helpful, information that I’ve learned in the last 31 days.

1.  I’m very slow to move in to a house.  I just unpacked my last box of books and hung a few pictures on the wall.  Yesterday.  It’s been 2 years.  Ahem…

2.  ‘Uniqlo’  is my favorite alarm clock app.  A calm and sweet sing songy voice wakes you up and tells you the weather.  Couldn’t be more peaceful.  Thank you children for sharing this with me.  My never ending source of app finders.

3. I absolutely have to tell you about the poem Tenderness’ by Stephen Dunn.  Please read it and pause.  My favorite line: “you must have experienced the absence of it               often enough to know what silk and deep balm it is”.  Look it up.

4.  I never knew why my mom put a peach pit in each jar of peaches she canned.   We would all want to get that bowl at the end so that we could suck on the pit.   Wes said the “lay-dees” at work told him that the peach pit is full of pectin.   Who knew?

randomsummer-0345.  My blog is named peaches and beaches because of where I live.  In case you wanted to know.  We moved here 4 years ago and the Okanagan can be summed up with those 2 nouns.  peaches aka. all fruit.  beaches aka.  the most beautiful lakes in the world.  IN FACT,  our lake and community is now nominated in Canada for “the greatest place” in Canada.   Personally, I was very overwhelmed by the environment when we moved here and obviously thought it a suitable title for me blog.  However, I might be changing this.  More on that later.

6.  Lastly,  me and my son are so NERDY, that when we picked up our textbooks from the university we both ran to the car, white plastic bags flapping and us exclaiming how we couldn’t WAIT to get home to read them.  Yes, I know.  We are that family.

I feel like we should raise a glass and make a toast to the new school year!

May this fall be one of great learning and deeper wisdom for both you and your child.  May our children never feel that they are alone but watched over by the ONE who loves them the most.

LInking up with Emily for lots of lessons this month.