September is a busy month for our family and has been for the last 13 years.  The bathroom birthday calendar was still on August when I looked yesterday.  That means I’ve missed wishing some family members a happy birthday and that we didn’t want summer to end.   Time, it rolls down the hill without stopping and here we are for the September lessons learned.  Ahh, there was so many, where should I start?

1. Feedly.  A blog reader.  Did you know about readers?  I sure didn’t.  This program has totally changed my morning routine and sitting in the car waiting for lessons to finish time.  I’ve been reading blogs in my email and its sketchy.  Sometimes they go in the trash, sometimes they don’t fully view in the email so you have to go to the actual blog.  It’s clumsy.  But then, I heard about feedly.  Some of you probably already knew about it, and here I’ve been blogging for some time and just learned.  But whateva.  Feedly is like a magazine holder for blogs.  It’s a program on the home page of my web browser where the writers all sit waiting for me to open them or an app on my phone.  LOVE it.

2.  Money is made by earning it or not spending it.  Either way its the same amount in your bank account.  September is all about paying for lessons, school fees, piano books, runners, etc., etc,.  It really pinches us with 4 kids, all in music or volleyball or ringette, or commuting to university everyday!  So let’s just say I’m being picky about what we need right now while I’m finishing up my degree.  And speaking of degrees

3.  Fourth year university ROCKS.  I love being in fourth year.  It’s too bad you have to go through the huge first year lectures and theoretical nonsense. There’s only 2.5 more months and 5 courses left and I have completed my degree. Do you hear the golf clap in the background?   Back in 2010 when I started this it seemed impossible, so far away, and could I ever do this?  Juggle my family commitments and sit next to skinny 18 year olds without feeling terribly old?  But let me tell you, fourth year has come and so have seminar classes. My fav is the interpersonal behaviour and psychopathology.  Lots of discussion, lots of reading, and only essays.  Let’s just say as a writer I prefer essays to multiple choice.

*       *       *        *       *

And now it’s time to think about October.  This is when many bloggers attempt to write more diligently and more focused.

This year I’m going to join up with the Nester and Emily for their 31 day blog series. It’s great for writers who are struggling with making the craft of writing a discipline.  Hello, talking to me.  


This year I’m going to talk about TEENAGERS.   Sometimes there’s a big fear about this age and a lot of myths about how bad it is or how much fighting goes on. I hope to speak from a parent/coach/teacher perspective about this stage of life AND get some real life teens to talk. I love my kids as teens and I think they teach us about being real, honest, and having fun. Will you follow along?


I’ll be back October 1st to take on this project.  Until then, Go hug a teenager!