Day 3~ Dessert as a metaphor for teenagers.

photo by Waverly
photo by Waverly

The text says there’s pie waiting at home and I smile as I get into my car.  Classes went to 6:30 and I have 45 minutes until I get home.

I swing by the church to get the last straggler from youth group and we drive home singing Ellie Holcomb.

We don’t always have dessert.  I think it started when I brought the crockpot out of storage for convenient September meals.  And then, I saw a recipe for chocolate lava cake in the book.

You have got to make chocolate lava cake in your crock pot.  Heavenly.

But anyways, tonight Wes picked up apple pie. We each took a piece and spread out around the island and the table we talked about life stuff.  You know, the bus ride from school, shifts at work,  whether everyone practiced their music tonight. The soon to be 18 year old gobbled his quick and headed downstairs to do homework and the rest slowly made their way to bed, putting their dishes in the dishwasher.

If ‘family’ is like a meal then the teenager stage is the start of dessert.  Something on its own, independent yet falling perfectly into time right after the main course.  You look forward to it and tastes much better than you imagined.

Here’s a a chocolate lava cake recipe you might need for the cold fall nights. Source. 

Thank you pinterest.