Day 7~ When momma leaves for the weekend

campus views I am back from my annual weekend away, none the wiser and definitely none the richer. This annual event with my cousins is treasured and prioritized so I flew over mountains to the wide open prairie knowing full well I would do little writing but lots of shopping and connecting.

Four old girls shared a hotel room and laughed like they were ten again.

I left my family for three days and they managed fine without me.  But not fantastic.  My husband worked the evening shifts and my kids were left to fend for themselves.  Which is doable but not desirable.

Someone in every family has to be the main caregiver.  For us, that has been me.  With privilege (that I recognize) and by choice I stayed home with the kids while my husband worked for our income.  And for years when we were farming we were both stay at home parents.

So when I’m away the family looks something like this:

  1. Friends come over ALOT.  In fact almost the whole time.
  2. I get the crying and the big question texts, while husband gets the permission texts.
  3. Meals are typically frozen rectangle casseroles or cereal with milk.
  4. one of the children will make brownies.
  5. one of the children will go dirt biking.
  6. one of the children will go for coffee with her friends.
  7. one of the children will play video games all day just because no ones around to ask anything of them.
  8. An hour before I’m to arrive home husband will text oldest daughter to clean the house before mom gets home.
  9. Oldest daughter will clean the house and yell at the siblings to start helping or roll her eyes in disgust of them.
  10. I will come home to a tidy house and children wondering if I bought them anything.

It is lovely to be away and lovely to be back into my family.

This post is part of my 31 days of teenagers series.  This week I’m going to have a guest post from some dear teenagers.  So excited.  You’re welcome to follow along and get a peak inside the mind of some beautiful 16 year old girls.

Happy Monday!