Day 11~ What Happens at Parent Teacher Interviews in High school

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I race into the school with my almost 13 year old, up the stairs and past the office staff drinking coffee and eating the cookies laid out.  I’d really like to stop and get a coffee and are those chocolate chip?… but instead I walk quickly down the hall to Mr. D’s room; we’re almost late.  Apparently he’s super strict and I’m to ‘toe the line.’  Ah, she really doesn’t know me well.

I have the greatest stink eye and teachers can’t make me toe the line. But I digress.  

It’s parent teacher interviews and I’ve made a point to get to know her gr. 8 teachers, especially because she’s in a different high school than her siblings went.  This school is for french immersion. The same camaraderie and trust that has been built with the older kids’ teachers hasn’t happened yet.  I must pave a path of mutual understanding again.

My presence is a show to the teachers that I care.  Despite the fact that if I didn’t come to these appointments it wouldn’t affect my level of involvement.


We get through each class and I’m given her marks, told that she’s sweet, and that she’s a pleasure to have in class. Then we walk out of the double wooden doors, laughing about the silent Japanese you tube video I showed her while we waited in the hall.  I forget to grab a coffee.


This is a little dance with the teachers I’ve been doing for the last 13 years and I have 4 more to go.  Each school does these interviews a little differently but I’d have to say that the majority of the teachers I’ve met in high school really care.  GENUINELY care.  Some of the formality is a little irritating and seems unnecessary but still important.

And besides, Mr. D wasn’t that bad.  Must have been the stink eye after he grilled me about what her marks were.  Of course I knew~

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