Day 21 ~ Birthdays and all things Changing

I’ve been out of town on coaching commitments and literally SWAMPED with copious amounts of reading, that there has been no time for writing.  So I will lean into this time and do what I can.  How I’ve missed you my blog.

Yesterday my oldest child turned 18.  The only child with a secure reality prior to 1994.  As my kids ask me how many children did I want before I was married I tell them one.  Somewhat truthful and yet not because I didn’t really think to much about having children.  It wasn’t even on my mind.  But the answer of one reminds them that although the plans we make are necessary they aren’t secure.  There are bigger forces that be.

It's just that easy.  Shirt color of burnt umber.
It’s just that easy. Shirt color of burnt umber.


A prayer for my son,

I wish for you many more years than 18.

I wish for you friends to play video games with and ones to ask you about your art.

I wish for you peace in choosing your university courses.

I wish for you that someone special will love your pancakes and your science fiction stories.

I wish for you safety on the highway when you drive home on the holidays.

I wish for you love for your brother who borrowers your computer and tries to keep up with your size 11’s.

I wish for you patience with your chatty sisters and her friends.

I wish for you patient employers for when you make mistakes with the lawn equipment and run over the new seed.

I wish for you courage to speak for truth and to accept the discomfort it might bring.  

I wish for you joy in the journey of searching for you.  Unique you.

I wish for you a faith in the one who is always keeping you in his hands, moulding a creation of love.

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